USATODAY Website Review & Ratings + USATODAY Coupons
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USATODAY Website Review & Ratings + USATODAY Coupons

USATODAY: Products & Services

USA Today is a national newspaper that is published Monday through Friday.  The Friday issue is more of a weekend issue.  USA Today is the second largest circulated printed newspaper in the United States after the Wall Street Journal.  The newspaper features pages of items printed in color along with some pages still in black and white.  The paper comes in sections with each one having a different colored border.  The current sections are news (blue), sports (red), life (purple), money (green), tech (orange), travel (aqua), opinion (grey) and weather (orange). 

These sections cover both national and local state news.  The paper can be  delivered directly to a home just like any other newspaper or purchased at a newstand or newspaper rack.  There is also an online edition that can be accessed with some articles and videos about subjects addessed in the newspaper.  The company also published a weekend magazine that appears in some local Sunday papers and a weekly sports edition that covers baseball and American football at both the college and professional level.  Many readers like the colorful, modern look of the newspaper and both the short and more in depth articles it offers.

USATODAY: Company Background

USA Today is owed by the Gannett Publishing Company.  The paper was started in 1982 by Al Neuharth, who ran Gannett for many years.  He is now retired from the company.  The paper was based on another Gannett publication, Florida Today.  By 1985 the newspaper has a daily distribution of over one million.  In 1986, USA Today began to publish international editions of the paper.  The paper continues to be quite popular world wide today.

USATODAY: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Here are some examples of feedback from USA Today customers.  Most are happy with their choice of the paper.  The few complaints I saw are about delivery, not so much about problems with the items in the paper.  Some also mentioned the cost, but it is pretty easy to find a discount or coupon when ordering the paper.

  • I ordered this subscription for my son. The paper delivery started sooner than expected. It arrives promptly each week day and is in perfect condition. My son has enjoyed the articles, particularly those in the sports section. He plans on renewing the subscription when it runs out.
  • Great paper when it arrives, our subscription started a few weeks ago and it's been coming on and off ever since then. Somedays we get the paper, some days we don't.
  • We tried this for a short term, wondering if it would come on the day it was supposed to, so far so good, missed one day being on time, Snow Storm. My husband enjoys this paper, now he doesn't have to go to the store to get it and find out they are out, by noon he has todays issue. Very Pleased.
  • I really like the newspaper, but delivery of the paper is not reliable. I might receive the paper 2 days late. I don't think that is exactly the papers fault. But I do feel they need to know how their product is treated once it leaves their factory.
USATODAY: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

USA Today is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Some of the Gannett properties are, but not USA Today.  The USA Today is covered by other media quite often.  The USA Today newspaper and their employees have won numerous industry awards.   Grammarly has just announced its first awards (2013) for news outlets whose stories have excellent grammar, spelling and punctuation.  USA Today won in all of these catagories.  One of their latest awards is the.  The winning entry was for USA TODAY’s Ghost Factories report that uncovered hundreds of forgotten lead factories across the country and the health hazards they left behind.  This series also won a top award from the Associated Press Media Editors.  The list of awards by USA Today can be found here.

USATODAY: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

This website is very popular according to Alexa.  It ranks about 94 among all the websites in the United States.  Globally the site ranks at 423 which is very high.  The website has over 140,000 sites that link into it.  Daily visitors average over 2 million.  Google Page Rank rates the site 8/10 which is very high.  The site has more women than men access it and the viewers are concentrated in the over 35 age range.  Many viewers access the site from work.  About 75% of the viewers come from the United States.  The rest come from other countries with India, Canada and the United Kingdom being the highest.

USATODAY: Social Media Presence

USA Today definately has a social media presence.  Their Facebook page has over 392,000 members with frequent daily posts.  I am writing this on the day that the President of Venezuela died, and there are already quite a few comments on this story on the site.  Twitter has a USA Today page with over 430,000 members.  The site has a number of new posts every day and is quite busy.  USA Today also has a blog page with separate feed on a number of diverse subjects including education, politics, opinion, community and offbeat.  Its social media presence is quite popular.  The compay has a mobile app and podcasts are available.

USATODAY: Website Security & Safety

USA Today protects its monetary transactions with the lastest SSL encryption.  The company certifies its transaction through Geo Trust.  Private information is collected by the company and sometimes shared with third parties.  A subscriber can opt out of this by contacting customer service or indicating this on their account page.  Google's Safe Browsing Tool shows the site use safe for users and does not contain any malware.  Google's latest report can be found here.  This is true despite the fact the website is hosted on 48 different networks.

USATODAY: Pricing & Packages

USA Today is a singular newspaper for the most part.  The only close editions might be the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times which have national editions.  I will present their prices for comparison, but these newspapers are all individual and are only comparible in the sense they are national and newspapers.  These prices all reflect home delivery and all come with some type of website access as well.

USA Today:

  • 3 months:  $53.28
  • 6 months:  $106.56
  • 12 months:  $213.12

Wall Street Journal:

  • $25.99 for three months for new subscribers,
  • then $25.99 per month

New York Times:

  • $8.05 per week for 12 weeks,
  • then $16.05 per week
USATODAY: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping rates don't really apply to the merchandise sold by USA Today.  The delivery price is included in the subscription price, but I could not find the breakout.  International customers usually select an international edition for delivery or the email edition which costs less than home delivery.  USA Today does ship editions to foreign countries.  Questions about this can be addressed to customer service which can then set up a subscriber with the best option for them.  USA Today only does home delivery in the 48 continuous United States and Hawaii.  Alaska is not an option at this time.

USATODAY: Payment Methods Accepted

USA Today accepts credit cards for payment.  These credit cards are Discover, American Express, Visa and Mastercard.  Subscribers can set up automatic renewals if they choose.  The company does not take personal checks or money orders.  At this time, they do not take Paypal or similar payment companies for subscribtions.  Debit cards can be used if they are affiliated with a credit card company USA Today accepts.

USATODAY: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

It was not easy to find information on refunds for USA Today.  It is found on the account page and you need to have a subscription to see it.  Since the subscriber is billed by the month, the customer will pay for the month that they are currently in.  Then the customer will receive a refund for the remaining subscription.  The paper will refund the customer for any issues that are not delivered as well.  Most likely, if you want to cancel your subscription it is best to cancel at the beginning of the month from what I can see.  Customer service can provide more information about cancellations.

USATODAY: Product images & screenshots
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